Learn the ins and outs of critical implantology procedures

There are specific criteria for selecting sites suitable to receiving immediate implant treatment. When adhering to these, the benefits arguably outweigh the risks. However, even in ideal cases, conventional immediate implant treatment can have shortfalls. The socket-shield technique is a treatment option at immediate placement to prevent the post-extraction socket changes and its complications. The full spectrum of evidence-based conventional immediate implant treatment along with the necessary soft tissue surgical skills and the partial extraction therapy protocols are covered in this course. These are suited to the more experienced, skilled, and advanced clinician, to teach diagnostics, treatment planning, and immediate implant placement with provisionalization at singled multiple tooth sites. Completion of  the Academy’s basic implantology course, and smile design course prior to this module would help in  laying the foundation for the Immediate implant treatment & PET courses. Take the next step in upskilling your training and knowledge, and better provide conservative and less invasive implant treatment for your patients.