Surgical Treatment discussion

Join Dr Howard Gluckman and Dr Mark Bowes for their final installment on their Interdisciplinary Case Discussion.

In the first discussion Dr Howard Gluckman and Dr Mark Bowes took us through this Interdisciplinary Case Discussion and highlighted the need for extensive aesthetic, prosthetic and surgical planning in order to address the needs and demands of this patient. DSD, socket shield with apical GBR, and socket preservation was carried out. Soft tissue ridge augmentations were done to further improve aesthetics, and provisional bridges to develop the soft tissue. Numerous complications arose as a result of the treatment.

In this final installment, Dr’s Gluckman and Bowes discuss the planning and surgery and try and work out where the complications came from and how they were managed. join us for an in-depth discussion as we pick apart the details of this case.

Diagnosis: We are shown pre-op images as well as images throught the duration of treatment, including the 5 year follow up. This patient was in a hockey accident, as the case progressed more complications arose in this case, in this discussion Dr’s Gluckman and Bowes discuss how to deal with complications that arose and end showing the 5year follow up.

This case discussion was proudly Brought to you by Megagen Implants, we would like to say a special thank you to Sian Matthews for making this possible.